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Frequently Asked Questions Heading link

How much does it cost to use the Make Good Lab?

Coming in and making stuff during drop in hours is free! That includes materials for any course projects or personal projects. In general, if you have a specific material in mind, or if you’re planning to produce a lot of something or will be selling what you make, we ask that you provide your own materials so that we can maintain our supply for other students. We can make suggestions of local and online sources for many materials.

I need something made for a course I’m teaching. Can you help with that?

If you need supplies ordered for a course, please contact to discuss further.

Can I make stuff for myself/my wedding/my cat/ my Halloween party, or is it just for school?

We believe people do their best learning when they care about what they are doing. If you want to use our laser cutter to make 30 table toppers for your wedding, go for it! We’re sure you’ll learn a lot in the process. Like we said before about materials, if you’re making a large quantity of something, or are planning to sell something, please supply your own materials.

Can people use this space if they aren’t in the College of Education?

Right now, we see no reason to limit access to this space during drop-in hours. If demand on our resources gets high enough that it’s hard for College of Education students to access what they need, then we may have to revisit this policy. But in the meantime, please come by, bring friends, and make something good!

What if I don’t know how to use something?

We have two staff members who are at the Make Good Lab during open hours. They can help you use the equipment. There may be times that you and staff will need to figure something out together. Our staff is really great at figuring things out, but it can take a minute to find the right info.

Why aren’t you open when I want you to be open?

We wish, wish, wish that we could be open 24 hours a day. We know you’re busy and have limited time to come by. At this time, we are staffed a graduate student and an undergraduate student who are each paid to be here for ten hours a week. These employees are responsible for class visits, special events, communications, and inventory maintenance. Generally this leaves about 15 hours a week that we are able to be open.

Can you hire more people? Like, can you hire me?

Trust us, we’re working on it! We are always on the lookout for funding to pay staff. And when jobs are available, we will post them to the Chalkboard. If you know about a possible funding source, feel free to let us know!

Do you do workshops?

We occasionally do workshops supporting people in using specific tools or materials. If you have a workshop idea you want to try out, let us know! It’s easier to schedule something if we know at least three people will show up. So tell us your idea! From slime to sound production, candles to candy necklaces, we can try to make it happen.

Can I rent your space?

For College of Education events, please contact to arrange a quick setup meeting and to get on our calendar. This includes events organized by faculty, students, and staff.

If you or your organization are not directly affiliated with the College of Education, please contact us for a rental rate sheet. Rates can vary based on your support needs, time of day, and the equipment or tools you plan on using.