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The Make Good Lab is for You!

This Make Good Lab exists to make tools of digital and material production and making available to people in our community. It’s stocked with a bunch of resources. One of the resources we think is most important is the space itself: a place where we value playful exploration as powerful learning, and where the creativity, voices, and brilliance of people young and old can be celebrated.

You help this space reach its potential: you make the Make Good Lab good! You make it good by being here and being you, doing the good work you do.

More ways to make the Make Good Lab good Heading link

Make It Known

  • Help us let others know about the possibilities for this space by sharing how you’re using the Make Good Lab. Use the hashtag #MakeGoodLab on Twitter, Instagram, Soundcloud, or wherever else cool people are hashing things these days.
  • Let us know if it’s OK for us to take and share images or audio of you, your group, or the things you make at the MGL.

Make It Equitable

  • We care about this space being a place where all people are honored and respected. If you’d like ideas about making your workshop, meeting, or event more inclusive, we are happy to connect you with resources.
  • Hold us accountable: if you see ways in which the Make Good Lab or its representatives could be more just or inclusive in our interactions or practices, we are grateful if you would let us know.

Make It Sustainable

  • Consider using repurposed or recycled materials in your making projects.
  • If your project has leftover materials you don’t wish to save or use, Make Good Lab can make good use of them. We will assume that materials left in the space after your event is over are donations unless you let us know otherwise.
  • Please clean up after your event, remove trash and recycling, and let us know about any damages to the room, furniture, or resources as soon as you can so we can get the space ready for our next makers.
  • After your event, you will be asked to complete a brief survey. Your responses will help us learn and grow and make the Make Good Lab better for everyone; we appreciate your feedback!